A Complete Guide About Outdoor Retreat in The Sims 4

Outdoor Retreat is the first game pack for The Sims 4, adding many new gameplay options and features. This guide will show you everything you need to know about the Outdoor Retreat pack, from the new vacation world of Granite Falls to the new herbalism skill.

What’s New with Outdoor Retreat?


Vacation World


The first vacation world in The Sims 4 is Granite Falls, a beautiful place to explore. In Granite Falls, there are five rental lots. Four of them have cabins, and one is a campsite. You can also go to the National Park lot, which has many different kinds of plants, animals, and bugs.


Herbalism Skill


The herbalism skill lets Sims figure out what herbs are and make drinks from them. There are more than a dozen different herbs, each with a particular use. You can use herbs to make potions that make your Sims smarter, happier, or even heal them.


Bug Collecting


Sims in Granite Falls can now get bugs. You can collect more than 50 different bugs, each worth money. You can use bugs to finish collections, sell them to make money, or even make potions.


Secret Lot


There is a secret lot in Granite Falls called the Deep Woods. The hermit who lives on this lot can teach Sims new skills and how to cook. You can also find rare plants, bugs, and fish in the Deep Woods.


New Trait and Aspiration

Complete Guide About Outdoor Retreat in The Sims 4Pin

Outdoor Retreat adds the “Squeamish” trait and the “Outdoor Enthusiast” aspiration to the game. The squeamish trait makes Sims feel bad when they see bugs, puke, or anything else that isn’t clean. The Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration shows Sims how to use the pack’s main features, like camping, exploring, and collecting.




Sims in Granite Falls can now go camping. You can buy tents and other camping gear at the supply shack in Granite Falls or through the build-and-buy catalog. Sims who camp on the campsite lot will need a lot of food and water, so make sure to bring a lot of both.


New Social Event


Sims can now have a weenie roast at the firepit, a new social event. This event is a great way to increase your Sims’ friendship and fun levels. You can also get new recipes if your weenie roast goes well.


New Activities and Interactions


There are several new activities and interactions in the Outdoor Retreats, in addition to the weenie roast event. Some of these are looking at clouds or stars, playing horseshoes, or telling stories around a campfire.


Rustic Build and Buy Mode


All items in Outdoor Retreat’s build and buy modes have a rustic theme. This includes both camping gear and things that would be at home in a log cabin. The items can be used to build many things, from rustic cabins to summer houses.


Outdoor Clothing


The new clothes in Outdoor Retreat are great for trips outside. The bags are full of sweaters, boots, and other sturdy casual items that can be used to make a lot of different outfits. The clothes are versatile enough to be worn in summer and winter.

Is an outdoor retreat worth it?

The Outdoor Retreat game pack is excellent for Sims, who like to do things outside. The pack adds a lot of new things to the game, like a new vacation world, a new skill, and new things to do. Outdoor Retreat is a great place to start if you want to give your Sims more excitement in their lives.


Is Outdoor Retreat worth it?

Outdoor Retreat is a great game pack for Sims who enjoy outdoor activities. The pack introduces a number of new features and gameplay options, including a new vacation world, a new skill, and new activities.

If you’re looking for a way to add some adventure to your Sims’ lives, then Outdoor Retreat is definitely worth checking out.


The Sims 4 is better with Outdoor Retreat. The expansion pack adds many new features and ways to play that will keep you busy for hours. Outdoor Retreat has something for everyone, whether you want to camp, collect bugs, or make potions.

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