Dave The Diver: How to Find and Beat Mantis Shrimp Boss

There are many players who, like yourself, have been unsuccessful in their attempts to defeat the Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver. You don’t have to fight this huge creature (boss). You can skip this boss fight if you don’t want to. But if you’re ready for a challenge, we’ll tell you that it won’t be easy.


The Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave The Diver

Dave The Diver: How to Find and Beat Mantis Shrimp BossPin
Dave The Diver: How to Find and Beat Mantis Shrimp Boss

The Mantis Shrimp has very strong blows that can be hard to avoid. But it is possible if you hide in the right place and attack the weakest part of the creature. If you’ve already tried to fight the Mantis Shrimp Boss but failed, here are all the tips you need to win.


Attacking the Mantis Shrimp Boss’s eye


To beat the Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver, you have to attack the creature’s eye whenever you can. That’s the only way to hurt this enemy enough to make a difference. If you haven’t gotten to this fight yet, you can do so in Chapter 6 as part of the Stormy Night 2 side quest.


The Vortex and the Mantis Shrimp

Dave The Diver: How to Find and Beat Mantis Shrimp BossPin

Sato assigns you this mission and defines a Vortex for you. If you go into the Blue Hole, you’ll find the Vortex he’s talking about. You have to beat the Mantis Shrimp Boss after you enter it and get to a certain point. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the tips and tricks.


How to Fight the Mantis Shrimp Boss: Tips and Tricks


Dave the Diver’s Mantis Shrimp Boss can only be defeated by aiming an attack at its eye, as mentioned above. There are times, though, when it will cover it. Don’t rush in, though; wait for the right time.

Dave The Diver: How to Find and Beat Mantis Shrimp BossPin

The best place to hide from attacks is under the elbow or boxing gloves of the Mantis Boss. You can’t stay there for too long, though, so keep moving and attack whenever the boss is stunned or stops to charge up. But don’t forget to figure out how the enemy is going to attack.


Dealing with the Super Punch


In the same way, after the Mantis Shrimp boss throws a few punches, it tends to smash the ground and throw a super punch. This attack is the most dangerous because it can do a lot of damage and push you toward the wall of spikes.


Seizing the Opportunity

Dave The Diver: How to Find and Beat Mantis Shrimp BossPin

In this case, try to move the boss to the left side of the arena. You’ll have more time to duck the incoming blows. And to block the super punch, you have to pull down the yellow handle on the chain. While trying to stay behind the big yellow bag.

The Mantis Shrimp Boss will be stunned for a few seconds after punching the heavy yellow bag. And when that happens, you have to aim your bullets at its eyes. If you’re already out of bullets, you can also use the Harpoon.

Repeat this plan until the enemy is out of the way, and you’ll be good to go. You can watch and get some tips and ideas What I want to explain.


Strengthening Your Weapons

How to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver (Step by Step Guide)Pin

These are the most important tips and tricks for beating the Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver. Check out this Weapon Upgrades Guide if your weapons aren’t strong enough.

Important FAQs

Is it necessary to fight the Mantis Shrimp Boss in Dave the Diver?

No, it’s optional. If you find it too challenging, you can skip the boss fight.

How do I deal with the boss’s super punch attack?

Move the boss to the left side of the arena to give yourself more time to dodge. Use the yellow handle to block the super punch.

What if I run out of bullets during the battle?

You can also use the Harpoon as an alternative to continue attacking the boss’s eye.


Remember that the key to success is to aim for the boss’s weak spot, which is the eye. You can avoid its powerful blows by being patient, waiting for the right time, and hiding. Mastering the way to block the scary “super punch” will also be crucial to winning.

If you’re determined to beat this tough enemy, arm yourself with these helpful tips and tricks and jump into the exciting adventure of beating the Mantis Shrimp Boss!

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