Dave The Diver: Where to Find Vampire Squids – All Locations

Vampire squids are a unique kind of animal that lives deep in the ocean. They have organs on the ends of their tentacles that give off light. Dave the Diver put them in his collection of mid-game fish. Here are the places in Dave the Diver where you can find Vampire Squid.

Where to Find Vampire Squids – All Locations

Where to Find Vampire Squids - All LocationsPin

In the Glacial Passage, there are vampire squids. To get there, go to Chapter 5: Frozen Passage and use the key from the Sea People to open the frozen passage. After that, you can go there from the Sea People village at any time.

Mirror Room


In Dave the Diver, vampire squids are found in the mirror room at the end of the Glacial Passage puzzle. They are not, however, safe. They send out clouds of purple ink that can drain your oxygen, and you have to use the Harpoon on them multiple times to kill them. It is best to use a weapon with a long range and save your oxygen.

Purple Deadly Ink by Vampire Squids


Vampire squids are fish with a rank of eight, and each one weighs six kilograms. When you catch a lot of squid, your cargo can quickly get too heavy, but one squid gives you three sushi plates that can be instantly upgraded to level two at Bancho Sushi.

The vampire squid sushi at level two costs 149 gold, has the best taste, and serves one person. Compared to earlier fish, it’s a good trade-off between how much work it takes and how much food it makes.

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Vampire squids are an unique and interesting animal that lives in the deep ocean. They are dangerous, though, because their purple ink can drain your oxygen and it takes more than one harpoon to kill them. Even so, players of Dave the Diver can use them to make high-quality sushi, which makes them a valuable resource.

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