Dave the Diver: How to Catch Tuna (A Step by Step Guide)

If you’re playing Dave the Diver and trying to catch Tuna, you might wonder why they don’t show up in the Blue Hole in the morning. Don’t worry; Tuna will appear in the game once something happens. This guide will show you how to catch Tuna and make the most of the fun.

How to Catch Tuna in Dave the Diver


Around the Blue Hole Shallows, tunas are known for being fast and moving in groups. To catch them, you need to complete a brief tutorial that will be given to you when they initially show up. These fish will only show up in the game during a Tuna event, which could happen at any time during Chapter 3, but it’s hard to know when.

The Steel Sensor Trap


If you want to catch Tuna, you could use the Steel Sensor Trap that Cobra gives you. This thing floats in the water and opens a net when a fish swims into it. This is the best way to catch Tuna. Before diving, you can buy the Steel Sensor Trap from Cobra’s Shop or look for it in the Blue Hole.

It can be hard to catch tuna because they move quickly and could hurt you. Even though it is technically possible to kill them, it takes a lot of patience and skill because they swim in groups. Methods that don’t kill people, like the Net Gun, don’t work.

Use Electric Harpoon

Tuna swim in big groups and move very quickly. Even though they are not predators, they can cause damage when they pass by Dave. Because of these things, it is hard to catch tuna with a harpoon or a gun. But if you still want to try this method, you should use an electric harpoon because it can shock more than one fish at once. When using a gun to shoot, players should choose the right gear.

  • Sticky Bomb Gun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Hush Dart
  • Steel Net Gun

Fortunately, the Steel Sensor Trap is the optimal option. To keep your sushi bar stocked with Tuna, you only need to catch a few of each species and breed them on the Fish Farm.

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Important FAQs

When do Tuna show up in Dave the Diver?

Tuna only show up during a Tuna event, which can happen at any time during Chapter 3. There is no way to know when a Tuna event will happen, so you just have to keep an eye out.

Can I kill Tuna?

Yes, it is technically possible to kill Tuna. However, it is very difficult to do so, as they swim in groups and can move very quickly. If you do manage to kill a Tuna, you will receive a small amount of gold.

How do I breed Tuna?

To breed Tuna, you need to catch a few of each species and place them in the Fish Farm. Once the Tuna have spawned, you can harvest them for sushi.

What are the challenges of catching Tuna?

There are a few challenges to catching Tuna. First, they are only available during a Tuna event. Second, they can be difficult to catch, as they swim in groups and can move very quickly. Third, they can damage Dave if they swim into him.


Catching Tuna can be a challenge, but it is also a rewarding experience. By following the tips in this article, you can increase your chances of catching Tuna and stocking your sushi bar.

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