Dave The Diver: How to Find and Catch Atlantic Bonito

If you want to finish playing Dave the Diver and get all of the Marinca cards, you need to find the Atlantic Bonito. You need this small fish to get your Marinca card, but it can be hard to catch. If you are having trouble finding an Atlantic Bonito, this guide will tell you where to look for this hard-to-find silverfish.

Where to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave The Diver

Where to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave The DiverPin

If players are looking for an Atlantic Bonito, they should focus on the Shipwreck location. Fans may already know this area from Duff’s Pink Delivery and other quests that take place there. It’s important to know that the Shipwreck is on the left side of the map and about 100m deep.

Once players reach the Shipwreck, they should look around for Striped Red Mullets, which are small redfish. This is because the presence of this fish shows that Atlantic Bonitos are spawning. Their bright color makes them easy to find. Also, Dave the Diver’s Tiger Sharks showing up near the Shipwreck suggests that Atlantic Bonitos are there. So players should be careful when looking.


In Dave the Diver, players looking for Atlantic Bonitos near the Shipwreck may see Striped Red Mullets as a hint. Most of the time, these fish swim in groups of two or three. They are very thin and silver. But it’s important to know that these fish might only show up sometimes a player dives. It might take a few in-game days to find them.

Players need to be patient and keep looking to find an Atlantic Bonito. To catch a 3-Star version, they should have a Tranq or Net Gun ready.

Remember that the Atlantic Bonito looks a lot like the Atlantic Mackerel, another small fish that lives between 50 and 130 meters deep. It’s easy to get them confused with each other. To avoid confusion, players should catch any skinny silverfish near the Shipwreck after making sure that Striped Red Mullets are present. This will make it more likely to catch an Atlantic Bonito.


The Atlantic Bonito is a rare fish that Dave the Diver players can find near the Shipwreck. Look for Striped Red Mullets, which are a sign that Atlantic Bonitos are spawning, to increase your chances of finding this fish. Players should also know that the Atlantic Bonito and the Atlantic Mackerel look similar, so keeping them distinct is important. Players should be able to find an Atlantic Bonito if they are patient and keep looking. This will let them finish their collection of Marinca cards.

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