Dave The Diver: How to Find and Catch Barreleye Fish

In the real world, Barreleyes are deep-sea fish with clear heads that let you see their eyes. Because of how different they look, they are a popular choice for sushi in video games like Dave the Diver, where you can find them about halfway through the game.

Find Locations for The Barreleye Fish

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To find the barreleye, you need to get to Chapter 5: Frozen Passage by helping the Sea People use a key to open the Glacier Passage. To do this, you have to defeat a group of Sea People who have changed in a cave.

Once you’ve unlocked the Glacier Passage, you can easily go back by using the Sea People mirror and swimming to its entrance. Also, you can always find barreleyes in the first room.

How to Catch The Barreleye Fish in Dave The Diver


Once you know where to find Barreleye in Dave the Diver, you’ll see that they’re not aggressive and won’t hurt you. Depending on your upgrades, you may need more than one Harpoon spear to catch them. Other than that, they are easy to catch.

Each one weighs 3 kg, so if you want to, you can carry many of them at once. Barreleyes are two-star fish with a rank of seven, and each one caught makes two sushi.

Barreleye sushi costs 70 gold at level one, has a best taste rating of 28, and feeds one person. It’s a good buy for something you can easily get more than one of. Deep-sea fish are useful in situations like this!

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Barreleyes are unique and interesting fish found in the deep sea. They are known for their transparent heads and upward-facing eyes, which allow them to see prey in the darkness. Barreleyes can be found in the Glacier Passage in Dave The Diver. They are a popular choice for sushi due to their unique appearance.

Dave the Diver is available to buy on Steam.

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