Dave The Diver: How To Find & Catch Pelican Eel

The Pelican Eel is one such prize, since it is both an eel and a rank 9 sea creature. On top of that, you can only find the Pelican Eel in a certain zone that you can only get to if you have the right gear. After saying all of that, here is everything you need to know to catch this slippery snake.

The Blue Hole has many different kinds of fish and other sea creatures. Dave can run into anything in the open waters, from tuna to sharks to dolphins.

How To Find & Catch Pelican Eel in Dave The Diver


Dave’s Ambitious Goal

Dave wants to run a successful sushi restaurant, so he is trying to catch these animals. He can get customers by trading animals, selling animals, or turning them into tasty sushi. Dave needs the Pelican Eel to get a few things to make a tool that will help him catch more fish.


The Pelican Eel in Dave The Diver

Where in Dave the Diver can you find the Pelican Eel?

In Dave the Diver, the Pelican Eel swims in the Glacier Passage. In Dave the Diver, the Glacial Area is one of the coolest places in the Blue Hole. You’ll need a wetsuit that can keep you warm in the cold water. In Chapter 4 of the game, you unlock the Glacier Passage.


Puzzles and Walls

Dave must swim through the Glacier Passage to reach the larger Glacial Area. The passage is one of the places in the game with the most walls. When you first start, you’ll have to swim around and solve a series of puzzles. The Pelican Eel is one of only six fish in the Glacier Passage.


Spotting the Rare Pelican Eel

How To Find & Catch Pelican Eel in Dave The DiverPin
How To Find & Catch Pelican Eel in Dave The Diver

The Pelican Eel looks like a brown eel, but its head and mouth are big, like a pelican’s. The eel is one of the rarer creatures to spawn in the Glacier Passage, and you can find it during the day. You might have to swim around for a while before seeing a Pelican Eel.


How to Get a Pelican Eel


If the Pelican Eel sees Dave, it will attack, so approach it from behind. The Pelican Eel is a Rank 9 fish from which you might get a Pelican Eel Skin item if you catch or kill it.

If you have the right gear, you can pull onto the Pelican Eel from behind. But the Pelican Eel is one of the hardest animals to catch. Before you can hook up with it, you may have to lower its health slightly. Try to sneak up behind the eel and use one of your melee weapons to stab it. You can also use your projectiles to shoot at it.

Please don’t hurt the Pelican Eel too much unless you want to kill it instead of capturing it. You can still get a Pelican Eel Skin even if you kill the animal instead of capturing it.


What’s the Point of the Pelican Eel?

You can sell The Pelican Eel, trade it, or use it to make sushi, just like every other animal in Dave the Diver. Still, the Pelican Eel is more valuable for the Pelican Eel Skins. It drops when captured or killed. To make a Steel Net Gun, you need the skins of Pelican Eel.

A Steel Net Gun is a special weapon that can catch a small group of fish. The weapon has a range of five and a magazine size of six. It can catch up to seven fish at once. Here are the things you need to make the Steel Net Gun:

  • 1 Large Net Gun
  • 1 Steel Rope
  • 3 Pelican Eel Skins
  • 20 Topaz
  • 3400 Gold


That’s all you need to know to find and catch Pelican Eel easily in Dave the Diver. Check out the best Employees tier list if you need to hire people for your sushi restaurant. Check out the steps in Dave the Diver to make sure your food tastes the best.

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