Dave The Diver: How to Find and Kill Whitetip Reef Shark

Yoshie has known Bancho for a long time, and she says terrible things about some of his sushi. Bancho decides to make a Whole Roasted Shark Head so that she will literally have to eat what she said. First, you have to find out how to make it.

How to Kill Whitetip Reef Shark

How to Kill Whitetip Reef SharkPin

Artisan’s Fame

To do that, open the new research tab and use some of the Artisan’s Fame you’ve earned while working at Bancho Sushi to learn the recipe.

Ingredients for The Yoshie’s Terrible Dish


Then, you’ll need to get the ingredients: Olive Oil, which you can find in cooking pots around the Blue Hole, and a Whitetip Reef Shark Head, which you can only get by killing a Whitetip Reef Shark. You’re going to need that gun Duff made you.

To find the Whitetip Reef Shark, go to the rightmost part of the Giant Blue Hole. You may or may not have to dive too deep to find him since the Blue Hole changes every time.

How to Kill Whitetip Reef Shark

How to Kill Whitetip Reef SharkPin

The shark appears to be quite big. However, it only has one mode of attack, which is a charge move that can be avoided by swimming either over or under it. Keep out of the way of the shark and shoot him when you can. If he does bite you, you’ll have to press Left Click or B/Circle over and over to get away.

Once the shark is dead, use your knife to get his head by going up to his body and holding down the Space bar, X, or Circle. Make sure to do this twice because he has a lot of meat.

Bring the Olive Oil and the Whitetip Reef Shark back to Bancho Sushi and serve them to Yoshie. She enjoys them, and that ends the story. Yoshie will help you find people to work at Bancho Sushi as a reward.


Ultimately, Bancho’s plan to serve Yoshie, a Whole Roasted Shark Head backfired. Not only did she enjoy the dish, but she also helped him find more workers for his sushi restaurant. This shows that sometimes, the best way to get someone to see things your way is to show them.

Dave the Diver is available to buy on Steam.

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