Dave The Diver: How to Find Salt (Step by Step Guide)

Dave the Diver is an indie game with 8-bit graphics that provides hours of relaxing deep-sea fishing entertainment. The harpooning and sushi-making game has blown up Steam with rave reviews and will soon come out on Switch.

MINTROCKET has done an outstanding job with this one by creating a world that continues to keep me engaged. One of the small tasks I needed help with was part of a cooking task. It took me some time, but I was able to locate the Salt in Dave the Diver. Here is where it can be found.

Where to find Salt in Dave the Diver

Where to find Salt in Dave the DiverPin

As you play Dave the Diver, different food critics will show up and say what they think. Vincent, the second critic, will say that authentic gourmet sushi should always stick to the classic recipes. But Bancho decides to use Jellyfish, a rare ingredient.

You will require Sea Grapes, White Spotted Jellyfish, and Salt to prepare the unusual meal. You can find more details about this meal in a Steam Discussion here. When searching for Salt in Dave the Diver, keep an eye out for Jellyfish near water flow areas – they can be a helpful indicator of where to find it.

Jellyfish and The Salt


When diving, pay attention to the fast currents of water. They sound like running water and let you know where the Jellyfish are. They are in the Limestone Caves, which are about 45 meters below the sea. To locate the Jellyfish, track the water flow within the caves. I found that Salt was often close to the Jellyfish in Dave the Diver.

If you’re searching for useful items in the kitchen, try looking for the red crock pots submerged in water. One of these items is Salt, which can be found near the Limestone Caves and should be pretty easy to locate in Dave the Diver.

Here is a small video gameplay to get better idea where and how to get Salt.

Get Salt in Dave the Diver

Dave The Diver is available for PC.

Important FAQs

What cooking task requires Salt in Dave the Diver?

To prepare authentic Gourmet Sushi, players need Salt along with White Spotted Jellyfish and Sea Grapes.

How deep underwater are the Limestone Caves in Dave the Diver?

The Limestone Caves are located about 45 meters below the sea’s surface.


Players need to look for Jellyfish in fast-moving water currents in the Limestone Caves, which are about 45 meters below the sea in Dave the Diver. By following the flow of the water and looking for Jellyfish, players can often find Salt in the red crock pots. With this information, players can learn how to make gourmet sushi and get more out of the Dave the Diver game.

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