Dave The Diver: How to Take Pictures of Manta Rays

Dave the Diver has a long list of skills, and underwater photography is just one of them. As the game goes on, our fat friend with flippers gets better at a lot of fun new things. A magazine about marine life likes his photos, and he starts making a lot of money by papping fish.

As Dave the Diver gets better, he can take more pictures, and now he’s getting ready to take underwater pictures of manta rays. Here’s what you need to do.

How to take pictures of Manta Rays in Dave the Diver

How to take pictures of Manta Rays in Dave the DiverPin

During the game, there will be times when you can take pictures in the deep blue hole. Turtles, pink dolphins, and every other kind of animal will have shown off for your cameras. You have to be in the right place at the right time to capture their beauty. But Dave the Diver must work harder on the Manta Ray picture.

The Manta Ray only comes out at night, so the first challenge is to get the right setup. When you talk to Udo, you’ll find out that he’s ready to help you take your photography to the next level by setting up lighting rigs for you under the water. He could do a better job; of course, you have to set things up.

When you get to this point in the game and have this conversation, you are ready to start taking pictures of Manta Rays. Dave the Diver, must go into the water at night to start the mission.

Set up the Camera Gear


The first step is to get the lighting rigs and generator in the right place to catch the Manta Ray. Both lighting rigs are on their sides, so you need to pick them up and put them back on their feet. Connect them to each other, and then use the second one’s lead to connect it to the generator.

Dave the Diver sometimes has trouble finding the plug because plants sometimes hide it. At about 20 meters, the lights will be close to the ground.

Use the Plankton Lure and Hide

How to take pictures of Manta Rays in Dave the DiverPin

Once the lights are on and the generator is running, you can use plankton to attract the Manta Ray. Swim toward the plankton lure and press space to throw it into the water. After completing the task, hide Dave the Diver behind the rock marked with a blue diamond.

Finally! Take pictures of the Manta Ray

How to take pictures of Manta Rays in Dave the DiverPin

After catching the big fish, swim from behind the rock to the camera symbol. You need to be careful with this. As you swim toward the plankton, you will see that they spread out. This won’t get the job done. Swim slowly, and only get too close once you see the symbol for a camera.

To play the photography minigame, press the space bar. In Dave the Diver, hold down the space bar until the frame turns green, then let go. This will give you the best shot of the Manta Ray.


In this guide, we learned how to take pictures of manta rays in Dave the Diver:

  1. We need to set up the camera gear by getting the lighting rigs and generator in the right place.
  2. We use the plankton lure to attract the manta ray.
  3. We swim from behind the rock to the camera symbol and take the picture.

Dave the Diver is available to buy on Steam.

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