Dave The Diver: How to Upgrade Weapons (2 Methods)

You can use something other than a fishing rod to get fish for your sushi bar in Dave the Diver. Instead, you’ll dive underwater and kill fish with different kinds of weapons. You start the game with a Harpoon, and you’ll eventually be able to use other weapons.

The only problem is that some aquatic animals are hard to kill because you need stronger weapons. In Dave the Diver, we’ll show you how to upgrade your weapons.

How to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver (Step by Step Guide)

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It won’t take long to open Duff’s Weapon Shop when you play Dave the Diver. Dave’s phone will show a message from Duff telling him to get his app. All the weapons you find under the water will show up here. He’ll give you a gun for free at first. Most of the guns you can get require you to dive while opening Weapon Enhancement Kits.

How to Upgrade Weapons Duff Shop Blueprint


I saw these yellow boxes with a gun icon in some parts of Blue Hole. When you open one, you’ll find a random weapon inside. While diving, I sometimes got a temporary upgrade for my melee weapon or Harpoon Tip.

To obtain permanent upgrades, continue opening boxes until you acquire blueprints for new weapons. In your Weapon Shop app, you can see how close you are to being able to buy a better weapon permanently. To make one, Duff needs to find crafting materials in the ocean.

How to get weapons Through the iDiver APP

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Your Harpoon Gun is another permanent upgrade that you can get without getting blueprints. If you upgrade this through the iDiver app, which you’ll be able to use quickly, it will do more damage to fish. To upgrade this, all you need is money.

Each new upgradation costs more and more money. Now that you know how to upgrade your weapons in Dave the Diver, you shouldn’t have any trouble catching those bigger fish.

Important FAQs

What types of weapons can be found in Dave the Diver?

Players can initially obtain a Harpoon for free, but they can later access various other weapons by diving and opening Weapon Enhancement Kits.

Are the costs of weapon improvements fixed in Dave the Diver?

No, the costs of improving weapons increase with each upgrade, making careful decision-making vital in managing your resources effectively.

Can I improve my Harpoon Gun without acquiring blueprints?

Yes, players can upgrade the Harpoon Gun through the iDiver app, which requires money to increase its damage to fish.


Getting better weapons is just as exciting as exploring the underwater world in Dave the Diver. With each upgrade, players get closer to being able to master their fishing skills, which gives them a chance to catch even the hardest creatures in the water. So jump in, explore the depths, and take the plunge to become the best diver with the deadliest arsenal!

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