Dave The Diver: Where and How to Find Iron Ore

Iron Ore is a key resource that is used to make and improve weapons in Dave the Diver. You can only find it like other ores by diving into the Blue Hole’s sea. In Dave the Diver, you can usually find iron ore in the Limestone Caverns area of the map, at depths between 100 and 120+ meters.

How to Find Iron Ore in Dave The Diver

How to Find Iron Ore in Dave The DiverPin

Keep an eye out for spikes and currents, as they could be signs of iron ore. You can also look for it in the area around the sunken ship.

One way to tell Iron Ore apart from other minerals, like lead and copper, is that it is lighter in color. Unlike some other ores, you don’t need a pickaxe to mine iron. All you need is a standard dive knife or melee weapon. Most of the time, each outcrop gives about three pieces of iron ore.


The hardest part of iron ore mining is staying out of dangerous currents that can throw you into deadly spikes. Once you have enough, make sure to get back to the boat safely with your haul so you can use it to make new weapons or improve the ones you already have.

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