Dave The Diver: Where to find Selgio – Pet Squid Selgio Quest Guide

During Dave the Diver‘s many chapters, you can go on a lot of different side quests. Once you’ve unlocked the Sea People Village, you’ll be able to take on even more missions.

In “Pet Squid Selgio” one of these quests, Linchen asks Dave to find her pet squid. You only get one hint about where to find Selgio, so keep reading this Dave the Diver guide to find out where he is.

Where is the shining jellyfish: Pet Squid Selgio Quest

Where to Find Selgio The Shining JellyfishPin

Linchen needs to find out where her jellyfish is. Still, she knows that he was following a Shining Jellyfish before disappearing. Selgio is outside the Sea People Village’s gates in Dave the Diver. If you leave the village and swim west in The Depths, you’ll soon encounter a glowing jellyfish.

Dave will realize that it’s probably the jellyfish he’s looking for, which will lead you to Selgio. If you swim after it, you’ll keep going north until you reach the lost squid. At some point, the jellyfish will stop, and there will be a small hole.

Where to Find Selgio The Shining Jellyfish

Where to Find Selgio The Shining JellyfishPin
Where to Find Selgio The Shining Jellyfish

At first, you play a very simple minigame where you move your flashlight around the hole by pressing the “WASD” keys. Selgio will swim away from the light as soon as you see him. Selgio will calm down once you chase him a few times with the flashlight.

Now you can put the High-Quality Food that Linchen gave you down. This will get him to come out, and then you can use your Bug Net to catch him. That’s all it takes to find Selgio, and now you can take him back to his owner. You’ll get a portrait of Selgio to hang in your sushi bar as a reward. I would much rather have a portrait of a cute squid than some Bei.


The “Pet Squid Selgio” quest is a fun and challenging side quest in Dave the Diver. It requires you to use your problem-solving skills to find Selgio and your reflexes to catch him. The reward of a portrait of Selgio is a nice touch, and it’s definitely worth the effort to complete this quest.

Dave the Diver is available to buy on Steam.

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