Dave The Diver: Where to find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector

You’ll have to spend a lot of time in the Blue Hole for many quests in Dave the Diver. In this independent game about diving and running a restaurant, you must find the Seaweed Collector as part of a quest.

Following jellyfish trails is the only way to find Tsuchi. Keep reading this Dave the Diver guide if you want to know where to find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector.

Where to Find Jellyfish Tracks for Finding the Seaweed Collector


Mima will ask you to find Tsuchi’s house after you’ve done a few quests for her in the Sea People Village. In Dave the Diver, you can find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector, about 170 meters below the surface on the western side of the Blue Hole Depths.

Once you have this quest, you should first leave the Sea People Village through the front gate. You are too deep underwater, so swim north until you reach a depth of about 180 meters. You should be back where you broke the wooden planks that were covering a hole.

Then, swim to the northwest, and you should see where the jellyfish traces start. As soon as Dave sees them, he will point them out.

The jellyfish trails will keep going toward the west. Keep swimming along the trail until Dave sees Tsuchi’s house. You can’t miss it because it’s in an area with a lot of dangerous jellyfish and a colorful house built into a cave wall. If you go inside, you’ll see Tsuchi trying to get his sea turtle to calm down.

Turtle can you find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector?

Where to find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector in Dave The Diver
Where to find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector in Dave The Diver

Something is stuck in her throat, so grab her tail and keep pressing the ‘Spacebar.’ Dona, the sea turtle, will spit out a plastic bag if she is successful. You can return to Mima and get 50 Bei to finish the quest.


In this guide, we showed you how to find Tsuchi the Seaweed Collector in Dave the Diver. To complete the quest, you must follow the jellyfish trails to his house and help his sea turtle spit out a plastic bag. Once you have completed the quest, you will be rewarded with 50 Bei.

Dave the Diver is available to buy on Steam.

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