Dive The Diver: How to Find and Catch The Moray Eel

Some people might feel uncomfortable around Moray Eel because they are long, slimy, and act like predators in the ocean. But you should keep in mind that everyone has different tastes when it comes to sea creatures.

Dave the Diver is a fun game by MINTROCKET that lets people who like to play games explore the ocean and catch different sea creatures to cook. The 8-Bit look of the game adds to the overall experience and makes it a fun thing to do.

How to Catch the Moray Eel in Dave The Diver


In Dave the Diver, catching a Moray Eel is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do if you want a real challenge. But if you know the right ways to do it, you can make it much easier and save some of your precious air. So make sure you’re ready to face this tough fish straight on.

Before trying to catch the Moray Eel, it’s best to keep going through the main story missions and get a few things you’ll need. A head torch is one of these things. You can get one from Duff. It also helps improve the headlamp to work better during the dive.

Moray Eel in “A Noisy Customer Quest”


To get the Moray Eel needed for the quest “A Noisy Customer,” you have to go on a dangerous trip to the ocean floor. Also, it is suggested that Dave the Diver be given the matching quest to make sure that the critic’s requests are met. Even though Moray Eel might be different from everyone’s idea of a tasty treat, it is important to fix the head torch to make sure the dive goes well.

How to Catch the Moray Eel by Night Fishing

How to Catch the Moray Eel in Dave The DiverPin

You’ll be ready to catch Moray Eels when you’ve done everything you need in Dave the Diver. You may have seen them hiding in their cracks and crevices before. But you can’t get them to come out and catch them during the day. You’ll need to come back at night with a better headlamp to get them.

If the sushi bar lets you, you can go outside at night and meet Moral Eels outside of their caves. But you should be careful because these fish are not known for being friendly. Dave the Diver could get into a dangerous situation.

Let’s have a look on this video gameplay, it give you more clear concept, what I’m trying to say.

I suggest you get a strong gun and harpoon and hack away at their health until they’re stunned. When a fish is stunned, it waves lazily from side to side. In Dave the Diver, you should now be able to get close to the Moray Eel and catch it.

Important FAQs

Where can I find Moray Eel in Dave the Diver?

Moray Eel can be found in the Blue Hole Shallows at night

What equipment do I need to catch a Moray Eel?

You will need a head torch, a gun, and a harpoon.

What is the best way to catch a Moray Eel?

The best way to catch a Moray Eel is to sneak up on it while it is stunned. Once you are close enough, use your harpoon to catch it.


Catching a Moray Eel in Dave the Diver is a challenging task. Still, it is possible with the right preparation and strategy. Following the tips in this article can increase your chances of success.

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