Final Fantasy 16: 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Final Fantasy 16, a world full of epic battles and exciting adventures. In this action-packed game, you’ll help Clive find an Eikon and go on an exciting journey with him. As the game continues, you’ll learn about a massive world with a unique way to fight in real time.

Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16

But there’s so much to see and do and so many problems to solve that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Fret not! This article will help you figure out how to play Valesthia so you can experience all the fun things this game offers.


Clive’s Mission Begins

Immediately Put to Work

The game starts right away and throws you right into the action. As Clive, you’ll be in the middle of a huge battle and ready to start his challenging mission to find an Eikon. The adrenaline rush is real, and you’ll be hooked immediately.


Explore Clive’s Past

The Flashback Sequence Putting the Story Together

A flashback scene is a clever way to set up the game’s main plot. Explore Clive’s past and discover the secrets affecting his journey now. It’s a way to tell a story that gives the story more depth and keeps you interested throughout the game.



Valesthia is a big world that you can explore

Valesthia is a vast world filled with wonders and dangers alike. Even though the game is more linear, there are still a lot of places to explore and hidden gems to find. If you take your time and go off the beaten path, you might find interesting side quests and useful items.


Realtime Fight

Learning how to fight in real-time

Unlike previous Final Fantasy games with turn-based battles, Final Fantasy 16 has fast-paced real-time battles. Learn Clive’s unique way of fighting, master combos, and learn how to use the different Eikon abilities well. The fights will get more complicated as you gain levels, making them more exciting.


Win Boss Battles

You Have to Die to Move On
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16Pin
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16

Boss battles can be hard, but here’s a hint: dying isn’t always bad! If you die in battle, you’ll start over at a checkpoint with an entire inventory. Take advantage of this strategic advantage to get better and be ready for the fight ahead, especially in longer battles.


Potion Upgrades

Upgrade your potions because how well they heal matters

Later in the game, Clive learns how to improve his potions, strengthening them and giving him more room in his inventory. Use this upgrade to ensure you have enough supplies for tough battles and exploration.


Arete Stone

Use the Arete Stone to get better at what you do

The Arete Stone is a great way to improve your fighting skills. Try out how different enemies act and ensure your combos are right. You can change your abilities and make the best build for Clive by using free respecs.


Torgal’s Gift

Using Torgal’s Gift for Smart Healing

Keep an eye on your health bar while you’re in battle. Whenever you see a gray section, that’s how much damage Torgal’s healing can fix. Save your valuable potions by letting Torgal take care of minor injuries and use potions to get back to full health when needed.


Unite and Conquer

Work together with other party members
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16Pin
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16

Throughout the game, Clive will be with different party members. Use their presence to your advantage by doing side quests and hard hunts with them. Teamwork is very important, especially in hard boss fights.


Stay up-to-date in Valesthia

listen to what’s happening in the world.

Final Fantasy 16 takes place in a big, complicated world with many different realms and a lot of interesting history. Take advantage of important details; listen in on conversations between NPCs in cities or the hideout to find out what’s happening in Valesthia.


Use your Gil

Be careful what you spend it on.

In this world, Gil is valuable, and it’s important to spend it wisely. Instead of spending a lot of money on things you think you need, use the many crafting materials you’ll find to make new gear. Spend your money in a way that will help you fight better.


Earn reputation and get rewards


You’ll earn Renown as you do side quests, hunts, and main missions. Collect Renown to get rewards that will help you on your journey. The better the rewards you get, the more Renown you get.



To make stronger weapons, talk to the blacksmith

Check in with the blacksmith often after you finish main missions to find crafting materials and unlock unique swords. Upgrade your gear to make sure that Clive is always ready for whatever comes next.


Side Quests

Don’t be afraid of side quests and hunts

Side quests and hunts may start out simple, but as the game goes on, they become more important and give better rewards. Side quests give you extra XP, AP, and unique upgrades, while hunts give you many chances to level up and earn a lot of Gil.


High FPS

Give frame rate top priority for smooth combat

Combat in Final Fantasy 16 moves quickly, so you need to be able to keep up. Frame rate is more important than graphics if you want to improve your gameplay. This will make sure you get everything important during tough battles or when you meet Eikon.


Find the hidden treasures

Go everywhere

Even though Final Fantasy 16 is more linear than some of its predecessors, there are still a lot of hidden treasures and secret areas to find. Slow down and look around each area carefully to find hidden side quests, rare items, and tough enemies to fight.


Choose Difficulty

Change the level of difficulty to fit the way you play

Don’t worry if you find combat hard or want a more relaxing time. Final Fantasy 16 has special add-ons that can change how challenging the game is. You can easily switch between them, which lets you customize the game to your liking.


Active Time Lore

Read the Active Time Lore to stay up to date
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16Pin

Use the Active Time Lore feature to keep up with the complicated lore and story elements. Holding down the touchpad lets you get short explanations about characters and events, so you’re never in the dark.


Clive’s Unique Way

Learning how to fight in Clive’s unique way
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16Pin
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16

Even though you can only control one character, this gives you a chance to get good at Clive’s fast-paced and dynamic fighting style. Accept the challenge and keep learning new skills as you level up to make yourself unstoppable.


Stylish Combat

Better rewards come with higher scores.
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16Pin
Explore 20 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, fashion is important. Try to fight stylishly and skillfully to get higher scores after boss fights. The more points you get, the better rewards you get, so Clive gets stronger and better at each victory.

Imprtant FAQs

Can I change how hard the game is at any time?

Absolutely! Final Fantasy 16 lets you change how hard the game is by using.

You can put on or take off special accessories whenever you want. Feel free to change your game to how you like to play.

How many people will be at my party in the game?

Clive’s faithful friend Torgal will be by his side during most of the game. As the story goes on, other party members will join and leave, so make the most of their time with you when they do.

How often can I change how Clive’s skills work?

You can change Clive’s abilities at any time by using AP. This gives you the freedom to try out different builds and come up with a way to fight that you like.

If I die during a boss battle, what happens?

Don’t be afraid! You will return to a checkpoint with a complete inventory if you die during a boss fight. This is a great chance to get better and prepare for the fight.


With these tips, you’re ready to go on an adventure you’ll always remember in Final Fantasy 16. Learn how to fight like Master Clive, explore the world of Valesthia, and discover what mysteries await you. May your journey be full of fun, success, and moments you’ll never forget. Final Fantasy 16 is an epic story, and you can become the hero Valesthia needs.

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