Final Fantasy XVI: Sunrise, Sunset Quest Complete Guide

Welcome to the mysterious world of Final Fantasy XVI, where great adventures and fates are made. In this amazing story, we go on a journey with young Clive as he enters the mesmerizing world of Rosalith after getting bad news about a war that is about to start.

Sunrise, Sunset Quest Complete Guide in Final Fantasy XVI

Our quest, “Sunrise, Sunset” is the start of an amazing journey full of courage, friendship, and a fight to keep the realm safe from darkness.

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A New World Unveiled

Sunrise, Sunset Quest Complete Guide in Final Fantasy XVIPin

As we go deeper into the Sunrise, Sunset quest in Final Fantasy XVI, a beautiful world opens up in front of us. Jill starts the journey by carrying Torgal, which sets the stage for an adventure full of mysteries and interesting people.

From the busy training grounds to the peaceful Open Gardens, each step brings us deeper into a beautiful and mysterious tapestry.


A Meeting of Destiny


Our young hero’s path crosses with that of a clumsy worker. This leads to a meeting that sets off a big adventure. As we move through the Gardens, we can choose to talk to Joshua if we want to. This adds to the complex web of relationships that makes up this story.

Soon, we’ll be standing on the edge of our fate as we open the big wooden doors and join our Father and Murdoch in a very important meeting.


Accept the “Call to Action”


With the Blight looming over us, we know we need to act quickly to stop a disaster. A brave plan is coming together: to fight the powerful Ironblood and leave for Phoenix Gate at sunrise.

As we set out on a mission to rid the Stillwind Marshes of the dangerous goblins that have taken up residence there, the weight of responsibility falls on our shoulders. For a quest of this size, you need courage, unwavering determination, and teamwork.


A Night to Think About Things

Sunrise, Sunset Quest Complete Guide in Final Fantasy XVIPin

Even though the battle is coming, the evening has a mood that makes people think. Anabella and Elwin’s heated argument about whether or not Joshua should go on the expedition reflects the emotional complexities in our realm.

While this is going on, Jill and Clive pray together for safety and comfort in the face of the uncertainty of the coming war.


The Morning of Fate

Sunrise, Sunset Quest Complete Guide in Final Fantasy XVIPin
Sunrise, Sunset Quest Complete Guide in Final Fantasy XVI

As the sun rises in the sky, people’s lives start to cross paths. Elwin leaves with his legion and Joshua. They go their own way. Clive, Sir Wade, and Sir Tyler go to the Stillwind Marshes to deal with the Goblin Threat.

When we answer the call of duty, we do so with courage and determination, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.


The Sunrise, Sunset quest is a beautiful tapestry of adventure, sadness, and bravery in Final Fantasy XVI. As we start this journey, we are drawn into a world where bonds are made, fates are shaped, and the future is on the edge of the unknown.

Our quest will be written in the history books as a reminder of how important friendship and doing the right thing is.

Note: As of July 23, 2023, the information in this article is based on the quest “Sunrise, Sunset” in Final Fantasy XVI.

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