Flight of the Fledgling Quest: A Complete Guide in Final Fantasy 16

Joshua tries to escape Phoenix Gate while a group of enemies does everything they can to find and kill him in this Flight of the Fledgling quest. As Joshua tries to get away, something terrible happens.

A Complete Guide of Flight of the Fledgling Quest in Final Fantasy 16

This guide tells you everything you need to know about the Flight of the Fledgling quest in Final Fantasy 16, including all of the optional goals and rewards.


Flight of the Fledgling

Unraveling Final Fantasy 16’s Thrilling 3rd Main Quest

During the siege, when Wade wakes up Joshua, you take control of him. Walk down the hall and down the stairs after Wade. Open the door when you get to the bottom. You can immediately use magic on a Level 7 Armored Interloper at the end of the hallway.

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Most likely, Wade will kill the enemy. As Joshua cries over the dead soldiers around him, Wade notices that one of the soldiers is wearing Sanbrequois armor. This means that the Empire is attacking. As soon as you get control back, open the door in front of you and turn left to open a door with two enemies behind it.


Joshua’s Escape

Joshua’s Escape and Perilous Pursuit in Phoenix Gate

Cast spells at one or both of them, and Wade will probably handle the rest. As you continue going through the halls and killing another armored soldier, you’ll soon find a hurt Tyler. Joshua starts to help with his Eikonic magic, and then Clive runs out of a nearby door. Everyone goes outside when Elwin and Murdoch arrive.


As Elwin sends a message to Rosalith via an owl, you and Murdoch decide to stay behind while the others run away. As soon as you take control of Clive, push through the doors in front of you. You’ll be back in the banquet hall with four enemies. Go after the person who casts the spell first, and then kill the rest.

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To get to the courtyard, go through the double doors to the left of the fire-barred main door and through the big doors at the end of the hallway. Soldiers are waiting for you, and you can kill them all if you want. But you should always go after the Astrologers first, so they can’t cast spells at you from offscreen.

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Once the courtyard is empty, a Dragoon will be waiting for you if you try to return the way you came.


Knight of the Blinding Dawn

This Dragoon, with a lance, can fight quickly. He will often make a big jump into the air and disappear. While he does this, he looks for a blue light on the ground.


This shows where he will soon crash down, so try to avoid or get away from that area (since he will try to hit you with this move).

Most of the Knight’s attacks involve him spinning in the air and slashing with his lance. At the end of the animation for each of these attacks, you must do something to avoid it. You can keep running backward or wait until the last second to get a precise dodge that lets you launch a powerful counterattack.

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He will also do a big horizontal sweep that begins with him spinning the lance around himself several times. You can quickly move backward as he does this to stay out of the way of his sweep.

About halfway through the fight, the Knight will jump up to a nearby tower and fire a projectile at you. You’ll automatically block it, and a button that looks like a strike button will pop up.


The Knight will be stunned after you fire a projectile, so move in quickly and use your Phoenix abilities to do the most damage.

The Knight will then use a version of his jump attack in which he jumps twice in a row. You’ll need to be ready to move out of the way twice to avoid getting hit. You’ll go back to Elwin and Joshua after you beat the Knight, but Murdoch will find sashes from the day before in Rosalith. This means that some of you are now against the group.

You move quickly to find Elwin and Joshua because their lives are in danger. Clive sees a mysterious figure talking but doesn’t know what it’s saying. The figure then disappears. Elwin gives Joshua a Chocobo to ride away on, but when more guards come to help, Joshua’s Chocobo dies. Traitors show up, and right in front of Joshua, they cut off Elwin’s head.

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Joshua becomes the Eikon Phoenix and kills everyone around him because he is sad about his father’s death and the fact that he failed. As Clive tries to calm Joshua down, he tells Murdoch to take Clive’s Chocobo and leave.

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A person in flames appears. Murdoch says that you can’t have two Eikons of Fire, and then out of nowhere, a mysterious Eikon of Fire appears. When the two Eikons fight each other, it’s the first big fight in the game.


Clash of Eikons

Phoenix vs. Eikon of Fire – An Epic Showdown

This fight has different parts, but they all end the same way. In that way, it’s a lot like the first part of the game. Use your reticle to aim at the Eikon of Fire as Phoenix moves from wall to wall. If you keep throwing fireballs, the damage will happen slowly over time.

Suppose your target reticle fills up into a full circle. In that case, you’re aiming at the Eikon correctly, and your fireballs will hit.

As the Eikon gets closer to you through the wall jumps, get ready for it to glow brighter (like it did in the first segment) so you can avoid it by pressing the button. This will happen again, and your positions will be different each time. Either the Eikon is following you deeper, or you are following it.

When you go into the big open cavern soon after the fight starts, the EIkon will catch you. Hit the QTE button to escape, like in a movie, and it will let go.

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The Heartbreaking Transformation

Joshua’s Journey as the Eikon Phoenix

Joshua will then say from inside Phoenix that this cave is the Apodytery that Elwin was talking about earlier. Then you’ll start chasing the Eikon again, shooting fireballs and keeping your crosshair on it as much as possible. As you run through the cavern, big pieces will break off.

You’ll get close to the Eikon at some point, and then you’ll be told to do a cinematic strike. If you press the button when it tells you to, Phoenix’s “Awakening” move does a lot of damage.


Keep chasing the Eikon until it stops losing its health, and something will happen. The Eikon will start its own special attack, and the timer will show that Damnation will come in 5 seconds. The “Hellfire” attack will still work no matter how much you shoot at the Eikon (but not at the big fireball it calls up).


Phoenix will die in a big explosion, but he will automatically use “Flames of Rebirth” to heal himself and charge the Eikon again, ending the battle.

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When both Eikons come out of the ground at the same time, Phoenix attacks them from the air and knocks them out. But as Phoenix gets closer, the Eikon wakes up and hits Phoenix very hard. Clive’s disembodied voice screams in pain and begs Joshua to stay alive.

Still, the Eikon ends the fight by punching the Phoenix in the chest, killing Joshua in the process.


The Morning After

Anabella’s Betrayal and Clive’s Fateful Decision

The next morning, when enemy soldiers look at the damage, they find out that your mother, Anabella, has joined the Empire of Sanbreque and turned on your father. She says a soldier can kill you if they find you unconscious, but then she changes her mind and says Clive can work as a Wyvern on the Imperial Front Line.

A Complete Guide of Flight of the Fledgling Quest in Final Fantasy 16Pin

Important FAQs

What is “Flight of the Fledgling” in Final Fantasy 16?

“Flight of the Fledgling” is the third main quest in Final Fantasy 16, where players follow Joshua’s attempt to escape Phoenix Gate while being pursued by enemies who want to eliminate him.

How do I defeat the Knight of the Blinding Dawn in Final Fantasy 16?

The article offers tips and strategies for defeating the Knight of the Blinding Dawn, a formidable enemy armed with a lance. Learn how to counter his attacks and seize victory.

What are the repercussions of Joshua becoming the Eikon Phoenix?

This article explores the consequences of Joshua’s transformation into the Eikon Phoenix, including the events that follow and the impact on the storyline.


In Final Fantasy 16’s “Flight of the Fledgling,” players are taken on a thrilling journey filled with intense battles, heart-wrenching decisions, and shocking revelations. Joshua’s escape from Phoenix Gate and the pursuit by relentless enemies set the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

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Throughout the quest, players encounter optional goals and rewards, providing opportunities to deepen their gaming experience. The encounter with the formidable Knight of the Blinding Dawn presents a challenging test of skill and strategy, with valuable insights shared on how to overcome this powerful foe.

As the story unfolds, players witness the consequences of Joshua’s transformation into the Eikon Phoenix and the devastation it brings. With betrayals, sacrifices, and unexpected alliances, the narrative takes unpredictable turns, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

In the end, “Flight of the Fledgling” delivers an emotional rollercoaster, leaving players eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the remarkable world of Final Fantasy 16. So, gather your courage, wield your magic, and immerse yourself in this unforgettable chapter of the beloved franchise.

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