GTA 5: How to Detonate Sticky Bombs

Sticky bombs are one of unique kinds of weapons in GTA 5. There are many ways to set them off to make battles more interesting. It’s one of the most fun ways to get rid of enemies and vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5, especially since it gives players greater control as they pick the right time to use this explosive to rain hellfire on their enemies.

How to Use Sticky Bombs in GTA 5?

The sticky bombs in Grand Theft Auto 5 are the least used explosives because players can’t figure out how to use them. You can buy them at the Ammo-Nation store once you’ve unlocked them during the campaign.

How to Use Remotes for Sticky Bombs in GTA 5?

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The best way to set off sticky bombs is from a safe distance with a remote. In a pinch, they are perfect for setting up traps and cleaning up areas. It’s important to remember that players will take damage if they get too close to the bomb, and the remote will only work up to a certain distance. For players to get the most out of the sticky bomb in Grand Theft Auto 5, they need to keep the proper distance.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, players can use various weapons to kill their enemies in style. From simple handguns to huge assault rifles that can kill several enemies at once, the quality and variety of weapons in this game are out of this world. The Sticky Bomb is a fun way to cause trouble in the game. Players love to set it off and watch it completely destroy their enemies.

How to Use Sticky Bombs?

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Sticky bombs have the potential to become the best explosive weapon in the game. This has been made clear enough times. It can stick to any surface and go off anytime, damaging it.

In single-player mode, players who want to set off many fireworks will be happy to know they can set off 20 sticky bombs at once. In GTA Online, this limit is only five bombs, but that’s still enough to cause a lot of damage and chaos quickly.

Creative Ideas to Explode Sticky Bombs

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If players want to get really creative, they should know that sticky bombs can also explode when shot. Players who are really creative can go ballistic and place these bombs near enemy gunfire to give them a big surprise and get rid of threats in a really funny way.

These bombs can also go off if they are put on a vertical surface and hit by a car, which could cause funny deaths by accident. It’s one of the many reasons why this explosive is a fan favorite in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Easy Methods to Use in Popular Platforms for Beginners


Sticky bombs can be hard to use at first in Grand Theft Auto 5, especially for new players. Once players figure out how to use them properly, they can be very helpful. The first thing players must do is place the bomb where they want it to go.

Then, they’ll have to “ready” the bomb in their inventory. Depending on the gaming platform, there are different ways to set off the bombs. Once this step is figured out, players can be sure that amazing things will happen next.

  • PlayStation: Once players have the sticky bomb in their inventory, they need to walk up to their target and press “R2” to place it. Then, run to a safe place with a cover and press left on the D-Pad. This will cause the bomb to go off.
  • Xbox: The Xbox’s setup is pretty much the same as the PlayStation’s. Put the bomb from your inventory on the target, then press “left on the D-Pad.” This is also possible while driving.
  • PC: The basic strategy for setting off sticky bombs in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC is also the same. Take the sticky bomb and put it on the target or throw it there. Then, press “G” on the keyboard to make the bomb go off. This is the button that, unless the settings have been changed, is used to set off bombs on a PC.

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Sticky bombs are not only useful, but they are also fun to play with. They can help you get away from people who are following you on the road. It will take some trial and error to figure out how close splash damage is. Once players learn how to use sticky bombs, they can become hard to beat in online games.

This is especially true when playing the campaign since these explosives can be used anytime to surprise a group of enemies or kill anyone chasing one of the three main characters. Players can pull off some impressive kills if they learn to use this explosive well enough.

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