The Sims 4: City Living Expansion Pack – A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to City Living Expansion Pack, a highly-rated expansion pack that puts players in the middle of a big city’s busy, exciting life. In this guide, we’ll talk about the fun things, chances, and experiences you can have in San Myshuno. We can help you with everything from apartments, jobs, festivals, and lot traits. Let’s dive in!

City Living Expansion Pack Guide

City Living Expansion Pack is an add-on that adds a whole new way to live in a city to the game. With its focus on city life, it adds a lot of exciting things that will make your Sims’ lives more fun. City Living has everything, whether you want the thrill of living in a high-rise or the excitement of going to unique social events.



Experience City Living Like Never Before

The addition of apartments as residential lots is one of the most exciting things about City Living. Apartments give Sim life a new twist by letting your Sims live in the middle of the city. There are many different ways to live in these multi-unit buildings because they come in different sizes and styles.

Every Sim can find an apartment that fits their style and budget, from small studios to big penthouses.



Customize Your Dream Home in the Sky

The penthouses in City Living are for Sims, who want the most luxury and customization. These high-end apartments are on the top floors of certain buildings and have fantastic city skyline views. Since you can change every part of your penthouse, you can make your Sims a truly unique and luxurious home.

San Myshuno

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San Myshuno, the exciting new world in City Living, is a city full of chances and new things to learn. Let’s look at what this busy city offers in more depth. Festivals are a way to show off culture and have fun.

Festivals: A Celebration of Culture and Fun

San Myshuno is known for its many different, fun festivals all year. These events happen every two weeks, allowing Sims to meet new people and do exciting things. Let’s look at the five biggest events that make the city come alive:


Flea Market

Unearth Hidden Gems

The Flea Market festival is great for finding unique items and hidden treasures. Sims can look through different stalls and shops to find rare collectibles, vintage items, and works of art. It’s a great chance to find a one-of-a-kind item to decorate your Sims’ apartment or start a collection that will make you money.



Embrace Your Inner Nerd

GeekCon is a party for all geeky and nerdy things. From gaming contests to cosplay contests, this festival is a great place for people who love technology and pop culture. Dress up as your favorite fictional character, play video games with other Sims, or enjoy the fun and nerdy atmosphere of GeekCon.


Humor & Hijinks

Pranks and Laughter Galore

At the Humor & Hijinks festival, you can expect to laugh, play jokes, and get into all sorts of mischief. Sims can play around by doing things like pulling funny pranks, telling jokes, and putting on comedic performances. It allows your Sims to let loose, have fun, and make memories they will never forget.


Romance Festival

Love Is in the Air
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The Romance Festival is a dreamy, magical event that is all about love. Sims can enjoy the mood of love, have romantic conversations with other Sims, and even get flowers from secret admirers. It’s the perfect time to start new relationships, deepen old ones, and make memories of love and romance that will last a lifetime.


Spice Festival

A Gastronomic Adventure

The Spice Festival is a must-attend event for Sims, who like to try new foods and like spicy food. Taste a wide range of tasty foods, put your taste buds to the test in spicy contests, and check out the colorful food stands that sell tasty treats from all over the world. The Spice Festival is a treat for all the senses and an excellent chance for your Sims to try new foods.

Lot Traits: Transforming Your Sims’ Environment


Lot traits are a powerful part of The Sims 4 gameplay that can significantly affect how your Sims live and interact on a particular lot. Let’s look more closely at some of the interesting lot features that come with the City Living expansion pack:


Bracing Breezes

Embrace the Fresh Air

The Bracing Breezes lot trait makes the air full of energizing winds, giving your Sims a cool place to be. It’s great for people who want a natural, relaxing place right outside their door.


Clothing Optional

Free Your Sims’ Spirits

With the Clothing Optional Lot trait, your Sims can live a free and carefree life. It encourages Sims to lose inhibitions and move around freely without clothes, making the lot a unique and accepting place.



A Haven for Socializing

The Convivial lot trait makes it so Sims want to talk to each other and make friends. It’s perfect for lots where your Sims can meet new people, make new friends, and build long-lasting bonds.


Fast Internet

Stay Connected in the Digital Age

The Fast Internet lot trait ensures that your Sims can browse, stream, and connect easily in the digital world by giving them lightning-fast internet speeds. It’s perfect for Sims who use technology at work, for fun, or to connect with other Sims.


Great Acoustics

Unleash Your Sims’ Musical Talents

The Great Acoustics lot trait improves the sound quality a lot, which makes it a great choice for Sims, who love music. Whether your Sims are playing instruments, having jam sessions, or just listening to their favorite songs, the lively acoustics will make their listening experience more enjoyable.



Cozy Comfort at Its Best

The Homey lot trait makes the area feel warm and welcoming, which makes you feel cozy and at home. It’s the best choice for Sims, who want a safe and comfortable place to relax, unwind, and re-energize.


Natural Light

Bask in the Sun’s Glow

The Natural Light lot trait lets lots of sunlight into your Sims’ home, making it feel bright and happy. It’s perfect for people who love the sun and want to enjoy the beauty of natural light while they go about their daily lives.


Private Dwelling

Your Sims’ Personal Sanctuary

With the Private Dwelling lot trait, your Sims can enjoy their own private sanctuary in peace and privacy. It keeps unwanted visitors and nosy eyes away, so your Sims can enjoy peace and quiet in their chosen home.


Science Lair

Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist

The Science Lair lot trait is for Sims interested in science and wanting to learn more about it. It gives scientists a place to do experiments, research, and make new discoveries. The Science Lair will help your Sims with their intellectual goals, whether they want to be inventors, mad scientists, or serious scholars.


Teen Neighborhood

A Haven for Young Sims

The Teen Neighborhood lot trait: For Sims, who are teenagers. It helps create a lively social scene where young Sims can meet, make friends, and go on fun adventures together. It’s an excellent choice for Sims in their teen years who want to live in a lively, young place.


What is City Living?

City Living is an expansion pack that focuses on the bustling life of a large city in The Sims 4. It introduces apartments as residential lots, allowing players to experience city living. It offers various features such as festivals, new careers, new skills, and new traits.

What are the festivals introduced in City Living Expansion Pack?

The festivals introduced are the Flea Market, GeekCon, Humor & Hijinks, Romance, and Spice Festival. These festivals offer unique social events and activities for Sims to enjoy on a bi-weekly rotation.

How do lot traits work in The Sims 4?

Lot traits in The Sims 4 are gameplay features that affect how Sims interact with the world. In City Living, there are over 40 lot traits available, each with its own benefits and effects on skills, moodlets, social interactions, and more.


Now you know everything there is to know about City Living Expansion Pack in The Sims 4 and all the fun things it has to offer. This expansion pack takes the Sims experience to a whole new level. From the charm of city apartments and penthouses to the fun of immersive festivals and transformative lot traits, this pack takes the game to a whole new level.

So, get your Sims together, jump into the busy streets of San Myshuno, and start an amazing urban adventure that is unlike any other. The busy city is ready to welcome your Sims and give them lots of chances to grow, make friends, and have memorable experiences.

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