The Sims 4: Explore Get To Work Expansion Pack Features

Welcome to our complete guide to the Get to Work Expansion Pack for The Sims 4. In this article, we’ll take you on an exciting tour of the expansion pack’s many fun new features and ways to play that make it a must-have for any Sims fan.

Discover Get To Work Expansion Pack All Features

Whether you’ve played The Sims games before or this is your first time, Get To Work will bring a new level of immersion and fun to your gameplay.


Active Careers

Bring Out the Best in Your Sims
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One of the best things about Get to Work is its active careers. Your Sims can now be scientists, detectives, and doctors. This lets them take part in their jobs and shape the lives of their virtual counterparts.

Dive into forensic science, solve exciting cases as a detective, or save lives as a dedicated doctor. There are a lot of different career paths, and each one has its own set of challenges and rewards.


Births in Hospitals

See the Miracle of Life

With hospital births, the miracle of life takes center stage in Getting to Work. The days when Sims would mysteriously disappear behind closed doors and return with a baby are over.

Now, you can give your Sims the joy and excitement of giving birth in a real hospital. From the scary moments in the delivery room to the first cuddles that melt your heart, becoming a parent becomes even more exciting and memorable.


Retail Stores

Entrepreneurial Ventures Await

Get to Work has an excellent feature for you if your Sims are good at business and want to be their own boss: retail stores. Take charge of your store, whether a boutique or a bakery and build a successful business empire.

You can choose your store’s appearance, set prices, manage inventory, and talk to customers. With careful planning and hard Work, your Sim’s store can become the talk of the town and bring in a lot of money.


Skills for Baking and Photography

Let Your Creative Side Out
Explore Get To Work Expansion Pack FeaturesPin

Get to Work shows you how to bake and take pictures, which are fun new skills. With photography skills, you can let your Sim’s artistic side out and capture the best parts of life.

Set up your darkroom, try different camera angles, and take stunning photos to show off your skills. Also, let your Sim’s cooking dreams come true by giving them baking skills.

Your Sim can become a master baker and make everything from sweet cakes to savory pastries that will make friends and family drool.


Magnolia Promenade

Explore a Vibrant World

Get to Work allows your Sims to look around the busy world of Magnolia Promenade. This busy neighborhood has many shops, cafes, and other places to go.

Take a leisurely stroll through the cute streets, find hidden treasures, or talk to other Sims. Magnolia Promenade gives your Sims a lot of chances to have deep conversations and make friends that will last.


Aliens and the Planet Sixam

Adventures from Other Worlds

With the introduction of aliens and the mysterious planet Sixam, you’re in for a trip to another world. Your Sims might meet aliens and even get along with them well enough to stay friends.

Explore the depths of Sixam, a beautiful and mysterious planet that is unlike anything your Sims have ever seen. Find out what it’s all about, collect rare artifacts, and open up new ways for your Sim to travel through the stars.


Hidden Gems

Find Hidden Gems in the Geode Collection

Get to Work shows a cool new thing to collect: geodes. Your Sims can now go out and explore the world, find these strange rocks, break them open, and find beautiful gems inside.

Whether you’re a serious collector or just looking for a new hobby for your Sim, the geode collection adds exciting discovery and rewards to your gameplay.



Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Get to Work is an excellent addition to Create-A-Sim because it gives you more ways to change your Sim looks. Explore futuristic clothes, try out different hairstyles, different types of makeup, and give your Sim striking tattoos.

Let your imagination run wild as you sculpt the perfect look for your Sim, making sure they stand out from the crowd.


Build and Buy Mode

Making Your Dream Spaces

Get to Work also adds to the Build and Buy mode, which now has a lot of new storage items and decorations related to different jobs. Whether you’re making a high-tech lab for your scientist Sim or a cozy medical clinic, there are a lot of new pieces of furniture, decorations, and architectural elements to help you make your vision come to life.

Let your imagination run wild as you create beautiful spaces that show how your Sim wants to live.


Get to Work, the latest expansion pack for The Sims 4, brings the game to a new level with its many new features and additions.

From active jobs and hospital births to retail stores and creative skills like baking and photography, the expansion pack adds unmatched immersion and excitement. Explore vibrant worlds, exciting adventures, and bring out the best in your Sims.

Remember that with Get to Work, your Sims can do anything you can think of. With this unique expansion pack, you can dive into a world with endless possibilities and make stories that will stay with you forever. Happy Playing!

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