The Sims 4: Horse Ranch – A Complete Guide To Horse Care

Unsurprisingly, the main draw of The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack is the ability to own, raise, and care for horses. Still, the task itself can be more than a little scary. When you raise horses, you have to worry about their care, training, and socialization. So you’ll usually have a lot to do around the ranch.

Horse Ranch – A Complete Guide To Horse Care

This guide shows you everything you need to know to start caring for your horses in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack. It’s hard work, but living a quiet life on the ranch is worth it.

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How do I take care of horses?


Like all other animals in The Sims 4, horses have a few specific needs that make caring for them easier.

Find items for caring for horses in Build Mode’s Outdoor Room

If you moved to a lot that doesn’t already have a stable for your horses, you’ll need to build one if you want your horses to be happy and healthy.

If you want to raise horses, the game suggests you buy four things:

  • Animal Feeder
  • Horse Water Trough
  • Horse Bed
  • One Big Ball

All of these can be found in Build/Buy Mode, in the Outdoor room, under the chicken coop icon in the middle of the Outdoor room menu.

Tip: If you play in Chestnut Ridge, there are a lot of pre-made houses that already have these things. But if you want to build a new house, remember that you will need these four things.

If you are low on money or space, choose either jumping or agility


Training items for horses take up a lot of space. Still, they are beneficial for competitions in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch and make your horse more valuable and well-rounded overall.

Most of the new lots in Chestnut Ridge have wide open spaces on the property, which is great because it gives you plenty of room to ride and train your horses.

But you’ll need different equipment for jumping and agility training, which will take up a lot of space on your lot.

Note: You can train your horse in Endurance and Temperament anywhere, but you’ll need special equipment to train it in Jumping or Agility.

Check out our Horse Training Guide for more information.

How to take care of your horses

The Sims 4:  Horse Ranch - A Complete Guide To Horse CarePin
The Sims 4: Horse Ranch – A Complete Guide To Horse Care

Give your horse a bed, and then take care of it

Horses need energy and will get tired after too much training. They’ll need a place to sleep whenever they need to.

When you put stables on your lot for the first time, you’ll need to assign a horse to a bed, just like you do when your human Sims move to a new home. This way, the horses will always go to the same place to sleep.

You can only put one horse in each bed, so if you’re raising more than one horse on your ranch, you’ll need that many beds. When the bed is in place, there will be piles of hay in each one.

Over time, the hay will move around in the bed and may even start to smell, which means it’s time to change your horses’ bedding.


To do this, click on the horse’s bed and choose “Clean.” If you keep your horse clean, it will soon get cranky.

Note: Part of cleaning is keeping an eye out for manure piles around the ranch, which you’ll need to clean up by hand.

You can throw it away, save it, and use it to feed plants.

Fill the feeders and feed your horses by hand

When buying things for your ranch, buying one Animal Feeder per horse is best because of how quickly they eat their food.

Filling up each Feeder costs 30 Simoles, so keep an eye on the food in your barn to make sure everyone is fed and healthy.

Also, if you have fruit or vegetables in your Sim’s inventory, you can feed them to the horses by hand. Not only does this satisfy their hunger, but it also gives you and your horse a chance to connect.

Tip: Horses can also be led to Graze on Prairie Grass to get a more natural snack while out and about.

The Sims 4:  Horse Ranch - A Complete Guide To Horse CarePin

Talk to your horses and pay attention to how they are feeling

It’s important to make friends with your horse. The more you and your horse trust each other, the better behaved your horse will be.

This helps in all situations, from practicing skills like endurance at home to ensuring your horse does well in competitions.

As part of this, because they need to be around other people, you’ll notice that your horse has many different moods, just like human Sims.

You can’t open the needs panel like you can for Sims, but if you move the cursor over your horse, you’ll see a pop-up menu with its needs and how it’s feeling right now.

Like human Sims, you’ll also notice that horses’ portraits have colored backgrounds that show their feelings.

The Sims 4:  Horse Ranch - A Complete Guide To Horse CarePin

Each mood has different ways to interact with the horse that either worsen or improve the mood. For example, suppose your horses get startled and start to feel scared. In that case, you can calm them down in different ways with different socialization options.

You can gain and lose relationship points with horses just like you can with other Sims and animals, so make sure you pay attention to your horses and make socializing a top priority.

Regularly take care of the horses

Just like any other living thing, your hoses will get dirtier as the day goes on.

To make your horse more clean, you’ll need to brush it often, which you can do from the menu when you’re hanging out with your horse.

You should also clean their hooves fairly often, which you can also do from the Horse Care menu. Even though the horses don’t seem to like it, it’s a necessary evil to keep them clean.

The Sims 4:  Horse Ranch - A Complete Guide To Horse CarePin

Make sure they have food in their Feeder and that their bed is clean to keep them in a good mood.

Tip: When training or competing, horses do better when they are sure of themselves and happy.

You can check your horse’s skills and behavior in the Relationship Panel

Even though you can’t directly control your horses in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, you’ll need to keep an eye on them and their skill growth quite often.

Find your horse in the Relationships panel. When you click on its portrait, you’ll have the option to Open Profile for your horse.


Here, you can keep track of many important facts about your horse, such as:

  • Biographical information, like their sex, age, and value.
  • Your horse’s traits.
  • A log of competitions and prizes they’ve won.
  • Their skills and the current progression of each.
  • Their relationship to your Sim.

This tab makes it easier to keep track of your horse’s training progress and important events. Keep an eye out for new information as you continue to raise your horses.

Important FAQs

What items do I need to care for my horses in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch?

To properly care for your horses, consider buying the Animal Feeder, Horse Water Trough, Horse Bed, and One Big Ball. These items can be found in Build/Buy Mode in the Outdoor room under the chicken coop icon.

How do I ensure my horses rest properly in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch?

Assign a bed to each horse to provide them with a place to sleep. Clean the horse’s beds regularly to keep them comfortable and content.

How can I build a strong bond with my horses in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch?

Talking to your horses, paying attention to their moods and needs is crucial for building trust and a positive relationship. Interact with your horse in different ways to improve their mood and behavior.


In conclusion, The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion brings the excitement of owning and caring for horses to the game. While it may seem daunting at first, this guide provides all the essential information you need to take care of your horses and create a successful ranch life. From building a stable to training your horses and ensuring their well-being, following these tips will lead to a fulfilling and enjoyable equestrian experience in the game.

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